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AI Root Cause Analysis with Conversation Analytics Software in Call Centers - 7 Easy Steps

Usually, enterprises choose complicated ways to tackle difficult tasks. At the same time, there are easy steps to get fantastic results incredibly fast and light on costs.

1. Detect and flag conversations that are too long

Using AI speech analytics, you can automatically process thousands of calls by setting parameters and finding out which ones require troubleshooting and which ones can provide unique insights to grow and improve your business.

For example, you can set parameters to detect:

  • Call duration — Find out which calls exceed a certain time limit.
  • Repeat calls — Determine if an agent has trouble handling a certain customer if they keep calling back.
  • Keyword mentions — Set keywords to discover what callers are saying about your competitors or if they’re lodging complaints about your product or service.

2. Scan your Social media feed and other text-based channels

Speech analytics is not only restricted to voice recognition. You also need to be able to identify problems and do market research via text recognition by scanning all the possible methods of interaction, including social media feeds and chatbot conversations, and others.

As social media becomes more and more popular, it’s more crucial than ever that companies monitor and analyze ALL the touchpoints between the customer and the brand.

3. Be proactive about call quality by detecting long silences

Another way speech analytics can help improve quality is through acoustic analysis, which can alert you to long silences or high agitation levels on calls.

Extended pauses and annoyed customers aren’t always the fault of the agent. Long wait times can be caused by system problems like IVR issues, slow data access, and slow refresh rates. If you determine beyond a shadow of a doubt that system issues are to blame, it will make it easier to approach company management or the IT department for troubleshooting or an upgrade.

4. Provide supervisors with access to interaction analytics

The more information your call center supervisors have about customer interactions, the easier it will be for them to determine whether problems are due to poor agent performance or legitimate complaints about company offerings.

Ender Turing Conversation Analytics allows supervisors to have a specific list of areas to focus on so that it is much easier to take action and resolve issues.

5. Understand the context of the situation with specific terms and phrases

Root cause analysis should go much deeper than just determining the frequency at which words appear. It should include an easily adjustable scope that looks at terms, phrases, and senses within conversations and the context in which those words or phrases occur.

Going beyond simple word counts and seeing things from a broader perspective will allow you to understand the situation better and get closer to determining the root cause of any problems.

6. Address problems faster using real-time information

The sooner you detect issues, the quicker you can resolve them, and receiving quality data as close to real-time as possible is crucial for achieving that goal.

Say the company launches a new marketing campaign, and within hours, the call center begins to receive calls related to the campaign. If there are any issues related to the strategy, speech analytics can bring the emerging trend to your attention so you can fine-tune or roll back the campaign before it does any real damage.

Having reliable data from the call center can also avoid disputes between the marketing and customer service departments about the possible cause of any issues.

7. Automatically select certain call types for monitoring

If you’re zeroing in on a particular problem, you can set up quality monitoring processes in Ender Turing Conversation Analytics to do an advanced call search based on call type.

For example, suppose your company’s outbound sales calls are not getting the desired results. In that case, you can use Ender Turing Conversation Analytics filtering tools, which allow you to create schedules to automatically select calls based on specific parameters. That way, you can quickly identify sales or other types of calls and perform a more profound analysis as required.

Keep complicated things simple!

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