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What Is AI Speech Analytics in 2022?

There are a lot of definitions of Speech Analytics, mainly divided into two groups. Speech Analytics is a process of analyzing call recordings between business representatives and business clients, or Speech Analytics is software to automate this process.

It’s not a new term, and it evolved.

Modern Speech Analytics is a tool based on two deep technologies: Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing. Both are representatives of Artificial Intelligence tech. Therefore modern speech analytics is by default an AI Speech Analytics.

And this tool, AI Speech Analytics, makes a business impact and brings value when it is a part of a solution, not standalone software.

What are the solutions that incorporate AI Speech Analytics?

1. Call Center Software

Some brands of Call Center solutions have speech analytics in their offering. It is an add-on that a client has to pay for in many cases.

Examples: TalkDesk, CloudTalk, Cisco Call Center, Genesys, NICE, etc. Even smaller brands offer it.

In many cases, Call Center software that offers speech analytics as an add-on has minimal speech analytics features: speech-to-text, text search, basic calls classification. Ask your vendor for a demo or even a trial of speech analytics to understand if it solves your task.

The good thing about such add-ons is that in some cases, speech analytics is a native part of call center solutions and seamlessly integrated into call center processes.

2. CRM systems

It is not a unique case when speech analytics goes as an add-on to CRM. In contrast to Call Center speech analytics, CRM systems usually have integrations with 3rd party Speech Analytics tools sold through a CRM vendor’s marketplace.

Examples: PipeDrive, SalesForce, Hubspot, Creatio, and you can easily google more or look at the offerings from your CRM vendor.

With CRM, speech analytics is usually used strictly for speech-to-text: making text notes with voice or transcribing and saving the complete conversation for future use.

3. Quality Assurance / Quality Management software

Speech Analytics for Call Centers is a frequent part of Quality Assurance solutions. Probably the most direct and profound use of speech analytics happens here.

Examples: Verint, Playvox, Ender Turing, NICE

4. Sales enablement, Sales Performance, and other revenue improvement software

This is quite a new area of a speech analytics application. Marketing teams, sales management, sales representatives, and sales operations leaders use many types of solutions to improve lead generation, qualification, overall sales funnel, predict revenue, or improve individual sales rep skills.

Select Ender Turing,,,, or google more based on a particular use case.

These platforms are different from other types of ai speech analytics involvement. Here speech analytics is not an add-on, not a 3rd party integrated tool but a core of the solutions, so you might not even know there is a speech analytics tech.

What solution to choose depends on a task business has and what current processes are already established or have to be.

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