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How to Choose and Arrange a BPO Call Center?

If your business grows or you plan a campaign to boost your sales, you might think about BPO outsourcing. 

So what does a BPO call center mean? 

A BPO call center is a type of call center that provides customer service or telemarketing services to other businesses on behalf of your business. It can be a great solution if you have a constant or temporary overload of customer calls, or if you plan an outreach campaign, or maybe you simply want to test out different customer service channels and understand which one would work for you. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a BPO call center. Here are the main to-dos to keep in mind and preferably to follow: 

1. Quality & reputation: 

It's crucial to know they're good because they represent your company even if they are not an in-house part of the team. When it comes to offering the best possible customer support, it all depends on your customer care representatives. They are constantly in contact with your clientele and can help to diffuse anger and calm customer complaints. In other words, they are the public face of your company and play a key role in maintaining a positive reputation.

Ways to get feedback on them:

  • Check a few review platforms

  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn, or related social media groups and inquire about the BPO company

  • Word-of-mouth - you must have some connections in your industry. Maybe they can advise you on someone good.

2. Language & communication skills

Especially if you're about to get outbound/ inbound call services, language skills allow agents to provide better services and resolve issues more efficiently; in addition to that, this will lead to better customer experience, enhanced company reputation, and generally better results. 

3. Pricing

Of course, you will also need to consider pricing when choosing a BPO call center. Get quotes from several different providers and compare rates. Here you have to be realistic about your budget and the volume you can afford. We advise starting small to understand if you are a good fit. By acknowledging these factors, you can be sure to choose the best BPO call center for your needs. 

4. Technology

In today's world, technology is constantly changing and evolving. When choosing a BPO call center, you'll want to make sure that they're using the latest tech tools. This way, you can be confident they will handle your calls properly, and you'll get all the insights and track the work done. And what technology also does is automation, meaning you can count on bigger volumes of calls and have a clear picture of progress even though you're not physically present in the call center. 

5. Be prepared to know your business well

It'd be perfect to prepare some information beforehand, every business and industry is unique, and you have to be ready to acquaint the outsource company in a simple but informative way. Remember that some 'obvious' facts can be unclear for the BPO, so make sure that the BPO manager knows the crucial business details. Check if your ICP and USP are coherent and updated, and remember that if they ask questions and want to know more about your business - it's a superb sign :)

6. Set clear tasks and goals for the BPO

You should always know what you're paying for. Therefore, verify the current stats and numbers and provide the responsible BPO manager with it and the numbers you'd want to attain. If possible, mention that in the 'Contract for services', which we recommend reading through (yes, we care about you!).

7. Smooth intercommunication 

Both the BPO manager and your company representative should be able to communicate fast and deliver vital messages to each other on time. Arrange regular reports and updates between the two parts so any misunderstanding can be fixed in a matter of seconds or at least hours. 

8. International presence

Are you going to take over Germany, Canada, or Australia? In the perfect scenario, the BPO call center representatives are from the country your clients are. If not, check if they have experience working for this market. The BPO agents should be aware of the tiny cultural characteristics that eventually matter when outreaching, closing a deal, or solving the customer's issue. 

A BPO call center can provide your company with a lot of advantages. It can help you improve customer service, reduce operating costs, and increase sales. But before you partner with a BPO provider, you need to make sure you choose the right one. The outsourced services should help but not harm your business and your company's status.

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