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How to Get More Sales from a Call Center

Call Center's initial purpose is to make customers satisfied with the service. However, every business owner dreams of seeing regular sales growth. And a call center can become an abundant resource for increasing sales. 

So, how to turn something that costs a lot of money into something that earns it?

Here are a few pieces of advice on how to boost revenue with the help of a Call center:

1. Let motivation become an agent's best friend.

The races for better scores can be overwhelming and exhausting for any, even the most experienced agent. It is vital to ensure that the desire to sell comes from the heart. Of course, elements of healthy competition must exist, but the balance between pressure and relaxation should stay a priority.

Innovative companies use different gamification strategies to motivate their sales and service people.

It is a motivation strategy based on earning points and collecting performance scorecards for every agent or sales representative. It also includes game-design elements, competition factors, and a variety of rewards.

Gamification deserves a separate post as it is a unique way to exceed KPIs in your teams.

2. Automate the workflows

It is hard to make a Call center sell if the main processes of collecting the data, reaching the customer, and finding the required information are not automated. You need to ensure that nothing distracts your agent from the initial goal of selling. Even better, if the company gives additional tools, such s AI-powered scoring, automatic selection of the products or the next best offer, user-friendly dashboards for self-checking, etc.

If the contact center sells physical goods, the agent must get immediate and easy access to any order-related information like warehouse stock or delivery status.

3. Focus on the value proposition instead of a traditional product selling

Top sales performers don't sell a product or service; they sell a value, a benefit, an improvement. They concentrate on giving the customer advantage of having goods or services. The traditional approach of pitching out what you sell isn't working anymore. The agent should become a true expert in the relevant area and give as much proficient information as possible.

4. Continuous improvement of the training strategies

Coaching cannot be overestimated when we speak about the quality of Customer-facing activities. The world is changing rapidly, as are the consumption trends and human behavior. To be in line with that, front-line of the business should be well-trained and intelligent. Knowledge and soft skills both need to be developed and improved constantly.

5. Know your customer.

There are plenty of CRM and loyalty systems that create a full 360-degree portrait of the customer. His preferences, history of purchases, memorable dates, and past problems. That information can save the agent a lot of time and effort and, of course, help with upselling and cross-selling.

Above the mentioned core recommendations, we should also remember that the agent's qualifications and skills have equal value.

Skills that can help to become a Sales Champion:

  • Knowledge of the product or service.

An agent that is going to sell must be able to find out any additional information very quickly and give a profound consultation on any request. Insufficient knowledge can not only put any special deal at risk of failure, but it can also ruin the whole company's impression. As a result, that customer will never return or recommend it to anyone else.

  • A lot of attention fairly should be paid to communication skills.

Human relations is what helps to sell despite all of the advantages of the digital era. While scientists worldwide are trying to get the answer to whether robots will replace humans, salespeople already know it. And the answer is that humans buy from humans. In the highly competitive landscape, qualified and professional service becomes the king.

  • Transparency and honesty.

Focus on building trust makes the service not only qualified but exceptional. Sales agent that can be honest with the customer gets much more in the end. Customers are smart, and they always feel where is the truth about every product or service he buys. And the grateful clients will come back for new deals.

  • Passion for selling.

It is hard to say that it is a skill. It is an inclination that can be well trained. But without the personal desire to be successful in selling, no agent will demonstrate promising results. Any hiring manager should apply additional criteria to the hiring process if he wants the agent to be 2-in-1: support and sell.

Call Center that sells isn't rare. In good hands, your Contact Center can become a reliable source of revenue. But it requires the agents to focus on two parallel approaches, which may be confusing. To avoid worsening, managers must be attentive to the unspoken signals of burnout and stress.

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