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Top Chorus AI Alternative Worth Checking Out

Chorus AI has been widely accepted as one of the leaders in the conversation intelligence market. The platform has been around for years, helping businesses of all sizes streamline their sales processes. It’s a powerful call recording software with loads of other functions.

But it’s far from being the only one out there.

There are dozens of tools that promise to deliver the same—or better—results as Chorus AI. We are talking about advanced systems that can add a new layer of quality to your call center software, helping you establish a world-class customer service team.

If it sounds tempting, keep reading to discover the best Chorus AI alternative.

Table of content

1. Chorus AI: The basics 2. Why do you need an alternative to Chorus AI? 3. Top 7 Chorus AI alternatives 4. How to look for a new AI analytics tool 5. Conclusion 6. FAQ

Chorus AI: The basics

Chorus AI is a conversation intelligence platform with a strong focus on customer service and sales teams. The main function of this program is simple—Chorus AI pinpoints the best sales reps and gives instructions on how to replicate their performance.

The goal is to help other sales and customer service reps reach the same level of efficiency. It is possible because Chorus AI analyzes customer interactions to discover the best practices in real-time. 

That way, all members of the organization can gain insights on how to improve their daily work. But in order to do that, Chorus AI provides users with a whole range of features:

  • Onboarding and skill development

  • Call recording and analytics

  • Market intelligence

  • AI insights for revenue intelligence teams

  • Team performance analytics

These and many other functions help sales leaders, customer service agents, and frontline managers build agile and high-performing teams. The platform analyzes every email, phone call, and meeting to gain insights into the internal processes of the company.

Why do you need an alternative to Chorus AI?

Chorus AI is obviously a versatile platform, so why should you be looking for an alternative solution? The answer is simple: There are better performance growth platforms out there.

Although powerful, Chorus AI is far from perfect.


Source The system comes with quite a few drawbacks that make the overall user experience worse than expected. We spent days analyzing the tool and reading user reviews, so we ended up compiling a list of key issues. Here’s why you need a Chorus AI alternative:

1. Lack of flexibility

The thing that makes most clients frustrated is the lack of flexibility. Chorus AI probably won’t record your meetings if a customer is just a little late. It also won’t record the end of the meeting in case it lasts longer than anticipated. The platform is rather rigid, so you’ll often end up losing precious learning resources. The worst thing is that Chorus AI rarely ever gives a logical explanation, so you don’t even know what such omissions occur in the first place.

2. Pricing issues

It’s fair to say that Chorus AI is an expensive toy. First of all, they hide the pricing plans from the website, which means that you need to ask for them via email. It’s a big waste of time if you ask us. 

But that’s not even the biggest pricing issue.

When you receive an offer, you’ll be surprised to learn that Chorus AI charges clients at least $1,400 per user annually. And that’s only if you pay multiple licenses at once. In our opinion, such high prices don’t correspond with the software quality.

3. It should be user-friendlier

Chorus AI gives you so many options that it interferes with navigation. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd of features, while some of them don’t even seem to belong there. 

For example, you’ll see two categories called “recordings” and “my recordings” that do pretty much the same thing. You can find many similar examples that don’t really make Chorus AI user-friendly.

Top 7 Chorus AI alternatives

Ok, it’s clear that Chorus AI could be better. But what would you replace it with? We did some heavy lifting to identify platforms that perform better than Chorus AI. Let’s check them out. 

1. Ender Turing


We know it looks a bit awkward to put our software atop of the list, but we are confident that Ender Turing is the finest Chorus AI alternative. Here’s why:

  • It guarantees quality assurance: Ender Turing records every single interaction on all channels, so you can measure performance in real time. The system also evaluates the context of each interaction, so you can understand exactly how your customers think and feel.

  • Automated call center scoring: The platform enables you to improve the quality of call center services through automated evaluations and feedback. It will boost your sales with powerful speech analytics.

  • Revenue intelligence: Ender Turing helps businesses grow revenue by boosting the performance of all sales reps. That way, you can drastically increase the company's bottom line. 

  • On-demand agent coaching: Our tool simplifies onboarding and self-learning. Your team members can rely on AI coaching to become more proficient sales agents. 

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Ender Turing relies on cutting-edge technologies to provide clients with impeccable experiences. That includes technologies like speech analytics, machine learning, data science, and deep learning. Our partners recognize the value of the tool, which is why we get reviews like this one:



The only drawback we’ve noticed so far is that certain users need a little time to get used to the platform. However, we believe that’s the case with almost every new software you’re testing.

The bottom line is that Ender Turing makes precious AI software for sales teams eager to maximize efficiency. If you want to boost the performance of all sales reps simultaneously, Ender Turing is the right tool for your organization. 

2. SalesKen


SalesKen is a reliable Chorus AI alternative that brings science to the sales processes. The purpose of this tool is to improve sales performance and set the ground for long-term revenue growth. These are the features that make it possible:

  • Call summarization: The system relies on Natural Language Processing to record calls and analyze the content. That way, you can transcribe and assess each interaction in minutes.
  • Real-time sales cues: Sales reps learn from mistakes, but SalesKen minimizes blunders by delivering real-time sales cues. It can send instruction alerts on the go, which helps your team members close deals faster.
  • Post-call analytics: The program comes with a set of analytics features, so you can evaluate calls to gain practical insights.

Data visualizations are another detail that makes SalesKen a valuable AI platform. They can make a good addition to your revenue intelligence, especially because you can access data visualizations on multiple devices. However, SalesKen has one major flaw that bothers many clients—frequent network issues that cause call drops. We’ve noticed more than one user complaining about it:


Source Apart from this problem, it is clear that SalesKen makes a great AI system for managers who want to measure and scale team performance. The platform also has a shallow learning curve, so you won’t spend too much time discovering its functions.

3. SalesLoft


Number three on our list is SalesLoft, a tool that can successfully handle even complex voice telephony services. It’s an all-around software that focuses on various aspects of sales engagement. However, we are mainly interested in conversation analytics software.

Here’s what you can expect from SalesLoft:

  • Call and video recording: As a typical call recording software, SalesLoft will track all of your conversations and video calls. Of course, you’ll get a transcription of each call almost instantly.
  • AI-based coaching: The system focuses on customer engagement, which allows it to pinpoint the most common trends and reactions in sales calls. Time stamps enable users to highlight important moments, so you can leave relevant sales tips.
  • The Greatest Hits: SalesLoft creates lists of the most impressive sales actions, helping your agents learn from the best examples.

SalesLoft doesn’t have a major flaw but rather a number of smaller issues. For instance, it is hard to make customizations that could simplify your internal processes. Besides that, many users complain about poor integration abilities (or even lack of integrations).



We believe that these issues do not change the fact that SalesLoft is a versatile program with lots of automation options. It can provide you valuable assistance in building a team of efficient sales reps. 

4. Outreach


Outreach is yet another tool you can use to successfully replace Chorus AI. Outreach makes sales agents more productive by finding and closing the sales execution gaps. The program helps you gain critical market intelligence, so you can strengthen customer service and sales teams.

The program offers three types of solutions for B2B companies:

  • Outreach Engage: This feature supports business development thanks to powerful prospecting automation. It allows you to approach more prospects much quicker than before.
  • Outreach Guide: It’s a revenue intelligence function, and its goal is to encourage self-learning. Outreach Guide uses AI to give your team important sales-related insights.
  • Outreach Commit: The third feature is all about sales forecasting. With Commit, you can create more accurate predictions and eliminate sales risks.

Although Outreach is very efficient, it still has some issues that bother the majority of users. For instance, you will learn that it’s difficult to experiment with this software and tailor reports based on your unique needs. Here’s what one client had to say about Outreach:


Source Outreach will do the trick if you are looking for a highly reliable customer relationship management tool. However, we will conclude by stating that it’s not ideal for sales teams that demand advanced customization features.

5. Gong


Gong is one of the most popular revenue intelligence tools because it enables users to gain a thorough insight into sales operations. The platform does a great job discovering the drawbacks in your sales processes, so you can win over more customers both short and long-term.

Gong has a wide range of features, but these are the fundamentals: 

  • Sales analytics: You can use Gong to analyze sales performance. Simply put, it prevents businesses from losing winnable deals.
  • Renewals and growth: Gong understands that the majority of the profit usually comes from existing customers. That’s why it gives AI-powered instructions on how to become a more proactive sales agent.
  • Conversation analytics: With Gong, you are free to analyze customer engagement. It allows you to identify the most successful sales and marketing messages, so you can further improve your customer interactions.

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However, there is one detail that we really don’t like about Gong—it doesn’t take the extra step to support anything outside traditional communication channels. One of its clients described this problem very concisely:


Source That’s a big issue for modern businesses because we all know that customers frequently switch between devices and communication platforms. It means Gong can only take you so far in your attempts to assess customer interactions across all channels and platforms.

6. Jiminny


Number six on our list is Jiminny, an AI platform that captures every interaction with your prospects and customers. The goal of this tool is rather simple—it records, transcribes, and analyzes to ensure business growth. 

But how does Jiminny do all that? Let’s take a look:

  • Enhance visibility: Most sales leaders are missing out on important aspects of customer communication. With Jiminny, it’s easy to spot critical themes that push potential clients down the pipeline.
  • Improved decision-making: Instead of guessing and making biased predictions, you can rely on this AI system for intelligent insights on the go. That way, your sales reps make faster and more accurate decisions.
  • Advanced learning abilities: Jiminny quickly turns into a comprehensive learning resource with lots of useful suggestions based on real-world interactions.

Note-taking and call recording accuracy are the only real issues you can cope with when using Jiminny. Quite a few clients point out this issue, so we have to mention it here:



One of our favorite Jiminny features is its powerful feedback ability. It creates straightforward reviews and scorecards while delivering real-time updates and coaching materials. All in all, Jiminny is a precious Chorus AI alternative for sales-oriented organizations.  

7. ExecVision


If your wish is to enable coaching at scale, perhaps you can test ExecVision. The motto of the brand is to “improve sales by improving your sellers.” As it turns out, it’s not just an idea but also a reality with ExecVision. Here’s what it does to optimize your sales performance:

  • Automated coaching intelligence: The platform discovers key points in customer interactions, enabling long-term coaching based on actual consumer behavior.
  • Identify performance gaps: ExecVision is doing a good job of identifying performance gaps, so you and your team can learn from past experiences. You can do it all on the company level, turning almost every agent into a high-performer.
  • Gain customer insights: Another important thing about ExecVision is that it digs deep to gain customer insights. It’s a valuable tool for marketing departments that need to upgrade and customize their messaging.

The only bigger problem with ExecVision is navigation. The dashboard is pretty complex, so it’s not suitable for beginner-level users or individuals who are not tech-savvy. Check out just one of many comments that highlight this issue:


Source Many clients complain about the same problem across all user review platforms. However, we believe that user-unfriendliness doesn’t change the fact that ExecVision is a great AI tool for mid-sized and large sales teams.

Ender Turing SalesKen SalesLoft Outreach Gong Jiminny ExecVision
User reviews 4.7/5 4.2/5 4.5/5 4.3/5 4.7/5 4.7/5 4.4/5
UX High Average High High High Average Low
Price Moderate Moderate High Moderate High Moderate High
Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support Great Good Good Great Good Good Great
Major cons None Call drops Poor integrations Customization Not enough channels Accuracy User-friendliness

How to look for a new AI analytics tool

Finding a brand new AI tool is hard because of the abundance of possibilities. Although we showed you more than enough Chorus AI alternatives, you are free to keep searching for a better solution—particularly if none of these platforms fit the peculiarities of your business.

But how do you look for the most suitable conversation analytics software? Here’s how!

1. Explore the features

Every business is unique, and so is yours. That’s why you need call recording software that can improve your sales processes and customer interactions. You should never settle for an off-the-shelf platform with generic features. Search for a customized solution instead because it will effortlessly fit into your system. 

For example, you can find business phone system software that focuses on phone-based conversations exclusively. That’s great if you need call center software only, but it’s far from perfect if your sales teams rely heavily on live chat, emails, and other types of communication.  Besides that, you’ll need speech analytics as it is the future of call centers. Therefore, the main task is to explore the features and find a program that covers all aspects of your business.

2. Ease of use is essential

Do you know that 70% of online businesses that fail do so because of bad usability? Even the best features are not sufficient if the product is complicated or too hard to figure out. 

Keep this in mind when looking for a new AI-powered revenue intelligence system. After all, you don’t want to end up with a tool that takes forever to learn.

3. Check the prices

This goes without saying, but we still have to mention the importance of pricing in software selection. We know you want to build superior customer service, but how much are you willing to pay for it? 

The goal is to find a balance between the price and the features. Expensive tools will usually offer more functions, but you may not need so many options. In this case, it’s better to opt for a cheaper alternative that has all the features you need to optimize sales processes.

4. Read user reviews

Customer reviews have become one of the most influential purchasing factors in the last decade. It’s a natural thing—buyers trust their peers more than brands and their marketing messages. Here’s what reports say about user reviews:

User reviews are easy to find because certain websites specialize in customer feedback. You can visit platforms like Capterra, G2, or Trust Radius to read verified reviews of almost any AI tool or revenue intelligence platform.

5. Test the customer support

Not too many sales teams think about customer support before they start working with a given program, but you should know better than that. We suggest testing the customer support before you seal the deal. 

It’s a quick test—all it takes is to send a few messages or call sales reps to check how they communicate with potential clients. If they prove to be knowledgeable and efficient, it’s a sign of professional authority and credibility. 


Deploying the right business phone systems software is the first step toward building successful customer service and sales teams. Chorus AI proved to be a valuable solution in this field thanks to its versatility and ability to identify the best practices in your organization.

But other AI tools took over the scene by providing a better and user-friendlier service.

Ender Turing proved to be a particularly useful tool for agile sales teams. It enables many companies to simplify quality assurance, optimize sales processes, and improve agent coaching. But do you want to know the best thing about it? You can try Ender Turing for free.

The basic plan is cost-free, while others allow you to run a free trial. It means you can easily explore the fundamentals and figure out what makes our platform that great.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your Ender Turing free trial right now!


Why is conversational intelligence important?

Conversational intelligence is important because it helps you better understand your customers. Simply put, it enables you to create better products and services. AI analytics can also automatically route customer complaints to the right person and identify sales opportunities.

At the same time, conversation analytics takes revenue intelligence to a whole new level. You can use it to improve your bottom line by understanding what’s working and what’s not. For example, you can use it to increase customer satisfaction or reduce customer churn.

Why is AI costly?

AI is costly because it requires significant investment in hardware, software, and data. Developing and deploying AI is expensive because it requires specialized expertise and infrastructure.

Additionally, organizations that want to use AI need to consider both the upfront costs of implementing the new technology as well as the ongoing costs of maintaining and operating it. 

Wrap up

Chorus AI is one of the most popular conversation intelligence platforms. However, there are a few more programs that deliver better results while being much more affordable. Ender Turing proved to be the best alternative due to its quality assurance and the ability to boost sales performance and educate sales reps.

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