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The Future of Call Centers in 2022 Is AI Speech Analytics

I Want To Talk To A Human!

A call center is the voice of the company, but what will it be like in the near future?

You need to solve an important issue or clarify necessary details, and you are very disappointed when you get on a robot, a chatbot, or other call center tools. We are all familiar with this situation. Therefore, we especially appreciate the opportunity to talk with an intelligent professional operator, simultaneously putting in mind the "plus" of the company they represent.

This is because the most natural method of communication is voice communication. Many studies prove the significant role of the voice in perceiving information. The human psyche typically extracts up to 40% of data from the voice, and the semantics and actual meanings of the words are less than 10% important in the perception of information.

"75% of consumers will still choose to interact with a real person even as the technology for automated solutions improves." PWC

Contact center chatbots for interactive communication are a consequence of the fact that live (voice) communication is expensive and often constitutes a large part of the operating costs for many companies. However, the voice is becoming economically viable thanks to vast technological developments, and the trend will soon be towards voice communication.

It will be possible partly due to full automation by voice assistants who augment an agent (AI-augmented conversation). These technologies allow agents to be more efficient, resolve issues faster, and save company resources. Moreover, gathering and analyzing 100% of the data that your clients give you every day is a competitive advantage that allows companies to build a richer customer experience while outpacing their less digitally savvy peers.

"Whoever understands the customer best wins," Mike Gospe.

As shown in the image below, from the data compiled by Call Centre Helper’s 2020 Autumn white paper survey “What Contact Centers Are Doing Right Now,” a vast majority of contact center professionals (84.1%) believe that the take-up of AI speech analytics will also continue to grow over the next five to ten years.

Speech analytics in contact center industry

Voice is data in today's network. Users demand high-quality customer service and a quality experience. On the other hand, businesses want moderate costs, compatibility with standards, and ease of management. Now, technologies have overcome the traditional objections and tied the two tasks together.

If your clients are real people, not robots - let them find real people when they want to speak to your company. A call center performance intelligence solution will be your best investment and direction for business initiatives.

We developed the most cost-effective and accurate conversation analytics and text analytics software to collect and analyze information arriving from your customers. It will help you listen carefully to customer signals, be firmly plugged into the Voice of the Customer, and keep abreast of current customer sentiment and market trends. Want to know more? Please ask!

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