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Speech Analytics Call Center Platform Aircall & Ender Turing - a Fire Combo for a Customer-centric Business Model

Implementing new tech like a speech analytics call center platform is one of the prompt ways to enhance any call center and its processes. The choice of call center tech will vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the organization. But one common tendency among all organizations is an increase in remote and hybrid working modes. 

As stated in McKinsey survey of 278 executives in August 2020 discovered that companies planned to reduce office space by 30 percent.

Even industries that partially fall under state control, like utilities, had to act fast when COVID hit to move towards a remote working model. Customers are increasingly moving their activities online, with some activities growing by more than 40 percent.

Accordingly, the need for work management and automation tools grows, which is also unchanging for call centers and customer support teams worldwide. 

Many specialists agree that the call center automation essentials include enrolling self-service options such as an interactive voice response (IVR) system, using call routing software to direct calls to the most appropriate agent, and applying call monitoring and recording tools to track and improve customer service quality. 

So what place occupies speech analytics in the automation of call centers? Let's dig together for an answer. 

Speech analytics: definition and role in a customer-centric approach

Speech analytics is a process of analyzing recorded speech to extract valuable insights. This process can be used to understand how customers feel about a product or service, identify areas for improvement, and measure customer satisfaction. 

Business strategies moved from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach. Now it's all about the customers. Companies consider new ways to identify what customers want to see in a product or advertisement and how they want to be treated. 

To become customer-centric, organizations need to shift their focus from selling products to solving problems. This requires offering solutions as the primary element of the customer value proposition as specified in the research by Strategy&

But how to understand what customers want? How do businesses get this information from them?

Usually, customers inform companies of their cravings and the novelties they expect from the product or service. Ask those who are on the frontline, your customer care team. 

On average, a customer care agent handles around 120 requests per day. So if there are 10 agents, it makes an impressive number of 1200 requests per day. Of course, it is impossible for one supervisor or a team lead to evaluate every customer interaction and extract valuable insights from them. 

Here comes the sun, as in the Beatles’ song. 

By 'Sun', we mean 'speech analytics,' the major assistant in analyzing every customer interaction in minutes, more accurately 30 conversations in 5 minutes, according to Olena Iosifova, the CEO of the fastest-to-value speech analytics Ender Turing.

Speech analytics is the key tool for call centers to inspect every call without additional company resources like time or management. By virtue of it, businesses can easily access customer insights and improve their product development and marketing strategies, herewith winning more customers and getting more revenue. 

Conversational analytics rapidly brings organizations closer to a customer-centric business model by putting forward important customer data for businesses. 

In the perfect scenario, we advise considering a call center platform and connecting it to your speech analytics to win customers and manage customer support more effectively. 

That's how we slowly shifted to our main topic: speech analytics call center platform. 

Speech analytics call center platform: definition and why companies need it

Сall center platform is a system that helps businesses manage their inbound and outbound call center operations. The platform typically includes various features such as call routing, queuing, call recording, and automatic call distribution. 

Suppose the platform has a speech analytics module integrated. In that case, it can also analyze the managed calls and interactions to study the trends and determine the root cause of customer inquiries, especially repetitive ones. 

In addition to a standard set of functions, like call routing or distribution, a call center platform with speech analytics can detect customer sentiments, emotions, and intents. The software then provides insights and recommendations to help call center agents improve the quality of their interactions and overall customer experience. 

Few short reminders of why customer experience is and will be a never-ending talk in the next years:

82% of Americans and 74% of non-U.S. consumers want to contact a human when seeking answers or help from customer support.

In order to improve customer service experiences, automated solutions should "learn" from human interactions. This shift will allow employees to be more engaged with customers and provide better service. To make this happen, companies will need to change the way they measure customer service performance.

1 in 3 consumers (33%) say they will stop choosing a brand after just one bad experience.

For Latin America, the number is higher, 49%. So as a product or service provider, you are not given too many chances to make the right impression. 

To avoid bad experiences, companies really have to go for customer care enhancement which is now inaccessible without modern technology. 

96% of consumers consider good customer support essential when talking about brand loyalty.


And that's how your customer service is tightly connected to your customer experience and, as a result, revenue. Many global companies, like Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks, have already accepted the need for companies to invest in customer service and its agents.

A fast and proven way to boost your CX and customer service teams is a speech analytics call center platform combo, like Aircall & Ender Turing. 

Let's discuss these names and define why their integration is a fire combo for call centers and customer support teams in the era of customer-centric business models.

Integration of Aircall & Ender Turing: Why it’s a Fire Combo for Call Centers


AIrcall call center platform


Aircall is a cloud-based software for call centers that offers a wide range of features to help businesses manage their customer calls more effectively. The software includes a call management system, a call center CRM, and a range of other features to help businesses manage their customer calls more effectively.

The call center platform Aircall can be set up in minutes and integrated with your CRM system no matter where you or your call center is located. 

Aircall divides its features for call centers into 3 main categories; let’s get acquainted with them.

Call Center Features 

  • Call queueing enables the customers to wait until one of the agents is available.

  • Real-time set of the system any time, also saving new numbers in a single click. 

  • Ring groups route calls to agents depending on the country, skill, language, or other characteristics. 

  • Simultaneous calls to put on hold one call and start another one with a third party.

  • Callback queue for customers to leave a waiting line and get an outbound answer later. 

  • Recording of calls to have every inquiry detail at sight and control the quality of calls. 

  • Pause the recording process to avoid personal details being recorded. 

Phone System/ Telephony Features

  • Toll-free phone numbers that you can get according to your local area code or any other country where your company serves.

  • International phone numbers are easily claimed in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

  • Conference calls for the group of up to 5 participants with Aircall’s VoIP solution.

  • Set different schedules for international numbers in accordance with the local time zone.

  • Voicemail function to inform the customers when you’re on holiday or away. 

  • Call routing to route the call according to the agent’s skills or availability. 

  • IVR to guide the customers to the right teams when they call for the first time. 

  • 3-digit personalized extensions to internally access the team members more quickly.

  • Block numbers or lists of spammers and bots to save space and time for calls that matter. 

Features for better call center efficiency

  • Incoming call screen notifications to always know when there’s a new call.

  • Single click launch of calls to save time dialing numbers.

  • Forward the call to the agent’s phone when the office or laptop is not in sight

  • Customized filters to quickly navigate and find the needed info or inquiry/ call

  • CRM integrations to keep all calls and inquiries connected.

  • Phone app with the essential features to access the system at any time.

Collaboration Features for Call Center teams

  • Sharing contacts within the team to access and follow any conversation together.

  • Call history sharing to see if any call needs a follow-up message or call. 

  • Ability to comment on calls and assign them to a peer. 

  • Warm transfer to give the team peers to chat quickly or advise before transferring a call to another team member. 

  • Call whispering to secretly talk to the peers while they’re still on a call to advise them when needed. 


  • Call center analytics to track the performance of the teams and agents individually. The available KPIs include the number of calls, wait time, missed call rate, etc.

  • Assessment of call activity in real-time to help an agent right away if a difficult issue occurs. 

Aircall is an excellent all-in-one management call center platform to navigate calls, help agents and teams handle them, and keep your call center processes transparent and accessible for every team member. 

Here a question may arise: there’s everything you need; why integrate then with speech analytics? Call center platforms give records and numbers; speech analytics, in turn, finds the root cause of these numbers.

For example, Aircall detects that some agents have high AHT (average handle time). There can be multiple reasons, leaving you with guesses. Speech analytics eliminates the ‘guess part’ from work and leaves you with data-proven answers. 

Ender Turing - the fastest-to-value speech analytics



Ender Turing is a speech analytics software that undertakes a variety of tasks in a call center, from analyzing customer sentiments and topics to identifying upsell opportunities. 

The ASR model includes 24 European languages. A new language or language dialect can be added just within 2 months which makes it one of the fastest ASR models on the market. 

After transcribing all the voice interactions into text, Ender Turing speech analytics can access 100% data of every call. Then with the help of AI and ML (machine learning), it converts the raw data into actionable insights that drive value for customer service, product development, and marketing teams. 

Ender Turing segments its features into 4 areas. Let’s check them out.

Quality Assurance / Quality Management

Ender Turing enables call center teams to track the quality of every call, email, and chat in near real-time.

The platform covers processes in the following departments:

  • Customer service

  • Sales

  • Debt collection

AI Scoring for Call Centers

Ender Turing's in-built scorecard design tool is flexible and easy for supervisors to design their own scorecards. The system offers a variety of scorecard templates to choose from. 

The number of scorecards is not limited and can be created separately for every team or type of call. For example:

  • Scorecard 1: outbound for the sales team
  • Scorecard 2: inbound for the sales team
  • Scorecard 3: inbound for customer support
  • Scorecard 4: debt collection

The pro advantage of AI scoring is pre-scoring

The system can automatically pre-score every interaction, making the review process 20 times faster. 

The system can tag the transcripts and audio flows of conversations and their parts to make it easier for supervisors to perform a quality check. Tags can be set according to emotional colorings, like ‘dissatisfaction’ or according to convo structure, like ‘start of the conversation., ‘greeting’ etc.  

The speech analytics metrics are provided in the form of simple and UI-friendly dashboards and include:

  • amount of silence in a call to detect how long an agent keeps a silent pause when talking to a client. Understanding why an agent is too quiet in a call can be crucial. What if they do not know the answer, which becomes an immediate trigger to work on the agents' knowledge

  • cross-talk ratio to identify how much an agent interrupts a client and doesn't give a chance for a customer to speak or vice versa; a client does not let an agent talk, which can be a signal to a supervisor that the call was a challenging one

  • agent/ client ratio to know if the agents listen to customers and do not overload them with information

The system allows setting the threshold for every indicator and a team separately because the requirements, for example, for sales and customer support teams, vary. 

The display of the metrics can also be changed in the settings; an admin can select what metrics should be included in the dashboards of a specific team. 

The role-based access to the system guarantees data security for agents and admins. 

B2C Sales Performance

Ender Turing's sales performance allows you to select and set the decisive sales metrics and get the performance overview in one click. The dashboards can reflect the success of the team and individual sales reps separately. The system identifies the top performers, the interaction of which can be saved to playlists for other team members to copycat the success of the sales champs. 

The AI module analyzes the agents’ skills and detects which skills lead to outstanding sales. This awareness empowers the team leads to segment the playlists to develop specific skills and create individual coaching programs for the sales reps. 

Apart from the sales reps' performance, the sales feature lets the admins spot the missing cross-sell and upsell opportunities to boost and predict sales in the future. The team leads can also comment and provide personalized feedback to the sales reps to encourage their growth and development.

To sum up, Ender Turing's sales features are:

  • Sales performance dashboards for teams and sales representatives individually

  • Creation of playlists to develop specific soft skills and copy best sales practices 

  • Personalized feedback to point the sales in the right direction

  • Individual coaching programs for sales reps to enhance sales skills

Agent Coaching

Agent coaching is available for customer care and sales teams to develop their hard and soft skills. The system pre-selects the best conversation and parts of conversation under specific tags and topics that can later be used for agents' training. 

Usually, the manual coaching process takes much time and HR resources. With Ender Turing's coaching section, it can take only minutes for a supervisor to share the materials individually based on the employee's performance and skill set. 

Teams leads can decide how long and how often the coaching should last; for example, they can assign only a 5-minute training every two days. Then observe the progress of the coaching and ‘collect the fruits’. 

Overview of agent coaching features: 

  • Skills dashboards for customer care and sales teams

  • Individual feedback to cheer the agents up and show them the areas for improvement

  • Personalized training programs 

  • Pre-selection of coaching materials

Aircall Integration with Ender Turing: First-rate Speech Analytics Call Center platform

Now we got acquainted with Aircall and Ender Turing key features that interconnect well to build a perfect speech analytics call center platform. 

We can put it metaphorically: Ender Turing is a brain that will detect and analyze the reasoning and root causes of customer interactions; Aircall is the eyes and hands of your customer support or sales team, which indicates the fundamental metrics and operational results. 

Combining both tools, you get a powerful all-in-one system for your customer care and sales teams to manage all kinds of interactions and deeply understand each. As we discussed before, this will result in an improved customer experience that is the basis of a customer-centric approach, a proven way to increase revenue. 

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