Data Security

At Ender Turing, we care about our customers' data privacy and security and are taking a top-down approach to data protection. Ender Turing products meet stringent compliance and security requirements, ensuring that we provide a secure platform for your data.

Product security

We enforce encrypted communication through our web interface and API with the latest TLS. All content you submit to our website is encrypted.

  • In order to protect your data privacy, all data are encrypted during transmissions between the client and the server.
  • All data at rest are automatically encrypted.
  • Ender Turing uses our built-in customizable anonymization algorithms, which automatically detect and remove any sensitive information from audio and text data. Data is classified at the moment of processing, so our clients can fully comply with all data privacy regulations.
  • Advanced one-way algorithms have been applied to encrypt all passwords used for the platform. Passwords are never stored for internal purposes, thus eliminating the chance of a data breach.
  • Data retention policy is flexibly configurable, providing maximum control of your data.
  • Ender Turing strengthens internal security by using different permissions for user roles and monitoring (admin, agent, etc.), thus allowing you to prevent potential internal security breaches and data leaks.
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Cloud and infrastructure security

  • With Ender Turing, your data is safely stored in secured data centers of Amazon AWS in globally distributed data centers (EU based for Europe and US-based for the US), which guarantees that services included in the SLA will be available for 99.99% and provides a high level of security all over the world with SOC2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications, among others.
  • Multi-level biometrics and other security safeguards restrict access only for authorized persons.
  • A full redundant cluster of data centers ensures that your data is secure in case of system failure or a disaster.
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Ender Turing & GDPR

  • Ender Turing is committed to privacy, transparency and highest security.
  • We are committed to complying with EU data protection requirements that became enforceable on May 25, 2018.
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