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24 July 2020

Ender Turing team announces Turing Energy solution is available for demo. Power of simplicity is a core of Turing Energy - solution for automatic collection of utility counters data provided by consumers withing a call. Simple and powerful Speech Recognition Interface allows consumer to call a provider, listen to a short instruction in their native language, name the data from counters and be sure that data was processed and stored in a provider's database. No human interaction from the provider's side.

12 June 2020

Happy to announce! Ender Turing team is a winner of TechMeHappy hackathon with its solution AskIn - Conversational AI for the skincare industry. Northbound Startups accelerator organizes hackathons to scout best teams in Nordic Region and brings together the most promising ideas and investors. As a result, Ender Turing team was invited as a first-team to participate in a 6-month accelerator with access to mentors and key market players in Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. Let's celebrate our success together!

05 June 2020

OpenAI launched an API to commercialize its research (GPT 3). The company says the API will both provide a source of revenue to cover its costs and enable it to work closely with partners to see what challenges arise when AI systems are used in the real world. The original research paper on the GPT 3 model was published in May 2020 by the name 'Language Models are Few-Shot Learners'.

02 June 2020

Ender Turing team research paper 'Techniques Comparison for Natural Language Processing' was accepted to Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Modern Machine Learning Technologies and Data Science (MoMLeT&DS’2020), June 2–3, 2020: abstracts. — No. I, vol. 2631. — Aachen : CEUR, 2020. — P. 57–67. and is published accordingly.

27 April 2020

Ender Turing team was accepted to an online pre-acceleration program by Startup Wise Guys where our innovation team will learn from the best venture industry mentors on how to create, evaluate, and launch the most promising tech ideas. There are 8 weeks of intense and highly demanding communication and learning. 16 teams from all over the world will work together and find ways to deliver their best to their clientele.

19 December 2019

Ender Turing team is proud to publish a public beta of AI Knowledge Base Assistant to Startups. All the startups are welcome to join usage of a Knowledge Base to keep learning from the best for free.

04 September 2019

Ender Turing team is proud to publish a free service of YouTube automatic transcripts machine translation. From now on every person can watch a video in any language and get subtitles in their native language. Hip-Hip-Hurra! We love to contribute to the world!


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