Become an Ender Turing Partner

Ender Turing - a Latitude59, Boston Bootcamp winner offers to join a network of trusted partners to achieve your growth goals.

Partner benefits

Always know what you'll get

Golden Partner

a deal margin up to

  • at least 2 trained engineers
  • 2 sales representatives
  • recurring commission for the customer life time
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Silver Partner

a deal margin up to

  • 1 engineer
  • 1 sales representative
  • recurring commission for the customer life time
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Registered Partner

a deal margin up to

  • no dedicated personnel required
  • 1 sales representative trained
  • 1 engineer trained
  • recurring commission for the customer life time
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Referral Partner

a deal margin up to

  • technical personnel is not required
  • 1 sales representative trained
  • 10% recurring commission starting 2nd year
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Other benefits

Even more perks for the devoted partners.

Joint Marketing Fund

For Gold & Silver partners: up to 5% of annual revenue or up to 5000 euro for the first year for marketing activities agreed with Ender Turing: 50% covered by Ender Turing from Joint Marketing Fund and 50% by a Partner.

Extended partner support

Get support directly from Ender Turing engineering team – for deals over 50.000
Euro/ annual.

Sales support by Ender Turing sales team

Available for deals over 20.000 Euro/annual.

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How to become a partner?

4 easy steps to partner the best AI Solution for customer care & sales teams.

First Step

Fill in the short form.

Go to form

Second Step

Jump on a call to clarify the partnership status desired, market potential, and other conditions.

Third Step

Sign up Partners Agreement.

Fourth Step

Fulfill the conditions according to Partners Status agreed, i.e. personnel training, marketing
activities plan, etc. In the case of Referral Partner – action plan agreed.

Start now

Become a partner

Now is the best time.


Not quite sure yet? Speak to our team.

Book a free explanatory demo with one of the team, we’ll evaluate your current data, processes and define the most valuable part to start with.


Founder, CEO

Worked with Sales teams on efficiency and processes for last 15 years. You'll enjoy brainstorming on metrics and KPIs for Ender Turing's solution implementation.


Founder, CPO

Worked within the area of Contact Center Excellence for 12 years. Skilled to assist you in the transformation of Contact Center into Center of Business Insights.


Business Development Manager

Partner and Customer Success wizard who is here to ensure your company's ROI on cooperation with Ender Turing. You will get every benefit we have for you.

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