We are Ender Turing

A team of experts in call center solutions, artificial intelligence, machine learning, business processes optimization, and employee performance management joined together. We have been hungry to bring to life an innovative AI call center solution that helps businesses around the globe to improve their customer service, sales, and coaching processes. We have done it and continue our path with the support of fantastic customers, advisors, and investors. Join the band!

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We create speech and analytics solutions that allow companies keep communication alive with their customers

The data businesses collect is no longer dead weight: all the questions, requests, and complaints received are analysed and structured into a cohesive picture of growth and improvement zones.

Leadership team

Olena Iosifova


Worked with Sales teams on efficiency and processes for the last 15 years. You'll enjoy brainstorming metrics and KPIs for Ender Turing's solution implementation.

Ievgen Iosifov


Worked within the area of Contact Center Excellence for 12 years. Skilled to assist you in transforming Contact Center into Center of Business Insights.

Oleh Romanovskyi


Artificial Intelligence researcher with a high academic track record of scientific publications and know-how in speech recognition and natural language processing.

Advisory team

Patrick Collins

Growth Advisor
Founder of Prospect Labs & Growth SEO

Worked with startups for 15 years in growth hacking and lead generation. Skilled at creating automation across various channels.

Aleksander Gansen

Co-Founder of Supplain
Startup Mentor | WEB3 & Blockchain Evangelist | Lecturer

Building products and services are what drives him. Aleks coaches and mentors the next generation of entrepreneurs in Baltics.

Nasza koncepcja

Naszym celem jest etyczne wykorzystanie sztucznej inteligencji do poprawy jakości życia ludzi. Nasze technologie nie zastępują ludzi, ale dają im możliwość bardziej efektywnej komunikacji, rozwoju biznesu i sprawiają, że praca operatora call-center staje się bardziej komfortowa.

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