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Call Review by AI - 20x faster or a disaster?

Call Review has never been an easy aspect of call centers. Make sure AI facilitates this process in a right way.

Leveraging AI Quality Assurance or not in a contact center or another customer-facing business unit is not a question anymore.

But what exactly it can help with?

Call review is one of the most painful areas for many contact centers:

⏰ Time-consuming

✂️ Covers 1% to 5% of all conversations

💭 Bias based on human decision making

🙀 Random selection of calls for review

🎯 AI could solve this portion of issues and many more.

Should it, though?

In this webinar I'm talking about the pros and cons of AI for call review in a contact center. Its limitations and superpowers.

Follow the link to get real-life examples and a live demo!

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