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First Call Resolution,
a vital KPI you can't ignore.

Ideas for FCR improvement.


1:30 EDT | 13:30 CET

Zoom Conference

What are we going to talk about?

In our latest LinkedIn Survey, 82% of 1165 voters said that FCR is the most valuable KPI for improving customer satisfaction.
The average FCR is around 70%, and many Customer Experience Teams work hard to level it up.

What is the FCR rate at your contact center? How do you calculate it, and what actions do you take to speed this metric up?

Let’s talk precisely about the calculation of FCR, the methods and tools for its improvement.

During the webinar, Olena Iosifova gives more details on the following:

💥 The methods of FCR calculations;

💥 What are other metrics that indirectly affect FCR level?

💥 The tools dedicated to FCR improvement and overall CX boost;

💥The role of AI in FCR improvement. How does speech analytics change contact center performance for better results and raise FCR?

Join our short webinar and start boosting your CX right away!

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