Turing Call

Smart combination of Natural Language Processing call-center assistance tech and human operators reduce the time of customer service up to 30 seconds per call with the same or higher level of customer satisfaction. It is achieved by fast and accurate understanding of a caller's request (speech recognition and language understanding), following with an automatic selection of answers from the Knowledge Base (by Machine Learning algorithms) to help operators. Turing Call solution includes automatic population of a Knowledge Base with new customer service cases. Additionally Turing Call enables robust caller identification through the series of dynamically generated questions to ensure modern security standards.

Turing Energy

Power of simplicity is a core of Turing Energy - solution for automatic collection of utility counters data provided by consumers withing a call. Simple and powerful Voice Interface allows consumer to call a provider, listen to a short instruction in their native language, name the data from counters and be sure that data was processed and stored in a provider's database. No human interaction from the provider's side.


Cosmetics brands need to be as close to their clients as a friendly hug. AskIn is an automatic consultant on skincare products with active ingredients. Our tech can work online or in-store giving clients a feeling of confidence in what product to choose. It is achieved through meaningful conversation (voice or text) with AskIn Virtual Consultant. As a result of providing consultancy on a product at a point of purchase brands witness up to a 35% increase in revenues. AskIn builds deep relationships between cosmetics brand and it's clients as well as provides brands with real-time insights.

Real-time conversational AI

Conversational interfaces are our nearest future. It is equally relevant and efficient for servicing consumers and business clients. Real-time conversational AI is a set of technologies and solutions applicable for Customer Acquisition, Activation, Onboarding, Development, and Support. As well as it can be used to create absolutely terrific new scenarios of interaction with human beings. We are passionate about it and ready to discuss whatever came to your mind.

Knowledge Graphs

While data grows in volume, variety and complexity, companies have to constantly rethink the ways they manage their master data. Graph technology overcomes lots of data management challenges by connecting data in a flexible, unified model. As a result enterprises get a holistic view of the data. Once you find yourself wondering if Knowledge Graph is the next tech for your business, the most probable answer - yes, it is.


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