Review calls and conversations 20 times faster

Gain control over Call Center service quality by providing internal feedback based on Sales and Customer Service scorecards


Integrates with

Struggle to bring consistency to your call center service quality?

Voice channel is among the most challengeable yet most desired by customers. Clients usually make coaching decisions based on up to 3% of all calls, hoping such averaging will impact customer experience. As a result, educational budgets are inefficient, customer experience is poor, sales conversion is low.

Exceptional customer care
at no added cost

20x faster calls and chats reviewing, immediate feedback to an agent linked to exact parts of a conversation, prescription for self-coaching to correct behavior in real-time. It is Quality Management you can switch on now. Add to the bottom line of your revenue in a matter of weeks.

Saves time
Fast to value
Agents love it!

Your sales team can do more

Analyze calls, chats, and video meetings with immediate feedback and self-coaching on real examples of top peers and their winning tactics. Enable sales representatives to learn faster and close more deals with every conversation.

Fast onboarding
Easy to use

Free scorecard templates

Download free scorecard templates

4 easy steps to get instant result


Setup Scorecards

Integrate existing Sales & Customer Service scorecard



Review conversations using Customer Care and Sales scorecard. Speed up audio conversations review by scanning call transcript and tagging.



Select perfect answers of your reps to help all agents to see particular examples for 1 on 1.


Personalize coaching

Provide personalized support and feedback and recommend coaching opportunities for agents inside the system to gain immediate effect.

Take a helicopter view


Cover all the conversations

Make data-driven coaching decisions

Take a helicopter view

Trusted by high-growth organisations

Case Study for financial services

AI-powered Speech Analytics Implementation Project

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