Turn your agents into experts from day one

Call Center's on-demand self-learning & coaching platform powered up by AI helps elevate agent performance and satisfaction.


Integrates with

Do you still train your agents in a one-way manner?

Does it feel like wasting time and money on a static training program
that does not provide meaningful results?
Provide personalized training and coaching at no additional cost.

On-demand agent coaching based on TOP performers' examples

Develop the behavior & skills your agents lack to become top performers. Observe your teams’ growth and give a possibility of self-coaching for your agents.

Saves time
Fast to value
Agents love it!

Train agent in new skills in a matter of days

Deliver high-end customized user experiences by training new skills for agents in any place, would it be office or remote.

Fast onboarding
Easy to use

4 easy steps to get instant result



Review conversations using Customer Care and Sales scorecard. Speed up audio conversations review by scanning call transcript and tagging.



Select perfect answers from your reps to help all agents to see particular examples.


Assign personalized program

Give possibility to self-pick or assign program based on skills requirements of each agent.


Personalize feedback

Provide personalized support and feedback and recommend coaching opportunities for agents inside the system to gain immediate effect.

Case Study for financial services

AI-powered Speech Analytics Implementation Project

Know what your agents don't know

Find the knowledge gaps of your agents and fill them in. Enhance your company status with a more knowledgeable and professional team of sellers or customer care managers.

Best managers are those who always learn

Real-time coaching enables your team to upgrade their learning process as often as needed. Provide every manager with weekly, daily, or hourly recommendations and advice.

Detect the difficulties your agents face and help to overcome them

Make your team's workflow easier, thereby decreasing the attrition level of your customer care and sales teams.

Data-driven coaching makes the learning process exact and relevant

Connect theory and practice by linking coaching recommendations to a specific part of the conversation. Let your learners see how the advice applies in practice.

Create a perfect coaching program for every team and agent

The number of evaluation areas and questions is limitless so that you can configure the coaching methodology individually to teams’ needs.

No more blind spots

Let the system automatically identify the agents who need help. Get the notification when the metrics drop to take immediate action.

Trusted by high-growth organisations

Improve Coaching Effectiveness

No more blind spots. Book a free demo with one of our experts.

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