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Keep track of every call, chat, and video meeting with Ender Turing conversation intelligence solution. The call center quality assurance allows to measure and improve agent performance while giving you the context to understand the customer's journey — quality assurance automation, scorecards, agent feedback, and coaching at one platform.

Case Study for financial services

AI-powered Speech Analytics Implementation Project

Call Center quality management champions

Call scoring 20x faster

It is 20x faster scoring for all calls and chats with automated AI pre-scoring and call center quality assurance. A random selection of a low number of calls and chats for quality monitoring is an option, not a must anymore. Flexible setup of scorecards without limits. Never again be dependent on engineers or excel sheets to change scorecards or create new ones.

Easy to use

Free templates

Download Scorecard Templates for free

Agent performance monitoring and real-time feedback

Platform visualizes real-time agent performance based on call center overall and individual KPIs. It enables a new way of quality assurance through immediate feedback and notification on critical errors, code of conduct deviations, exceptional quality, and other change and motivation opportunities.

Saves time
Fast to value
Agents love it!

4x faster agent onboarding and coaching, including remote

Collect winning habits and success patterns in top performers' conversations with the speed of light. Create playlists on various topics for newcomers to learn from actual samples of conversations. Let agents self-coach through regular listening and reading best practices on the areas they need and want to pump up. Track their engagement and motivate with gamification options.

Up to date
Proven results

Manage quality assurance with ease

Call center KPIs linked to real-time agent performance

All calls, video meetings, chats, and e-mails are now guarded by Ender Turing Agent Performance Intellingence. Get a full picture of overall and individual KPIs accomplishment with near real-time speech analytics. Track everyday situation and take timely actions to achieve long-term goals.

Triggered notifications and escalations

Set up the notifications triggered by the custom level of critical situations in conversations. Do not let the most crucial customer interactions drown in hundred of regular requests. With e-mail notifications to supervisors create a transparent and efficient process of proactive customer care.

Reports and speech analytics data sharing

Build custom reports with advanced speech analytics tools for other teams that will benefit from speech analytics in a call center. Share analytics with marketing, product design, compliance, operations departments.

Integrates with

Features of the future

Make the business better by implementing easier and faster data processing; get exact and clear results in a form of multimedia dashboards and reports. Let your employees perfect their skills.

Conversation analytics

With a speech-to-text solution, you can navigate through the transcribed texts of all conversations. Highlight the words, phrases or their alternatives; automatically classify the topics, emotions, intents, most frequently used words and more. Add alerts to take immediate actions if some agents are out of customer service standards.

Self-coaching for sales

Find out what kind of calls lead to a successful sales deal and what makes these calls lead to winning. Extract and collect the best sales examples in textual and verbal form and let your sales agents replicate the top performers' behavior including remote workers. Share the materials with your sales reps and observe their progress. Provide personalized feedback and link to the exact place of conversation.

Performance intelligence

Discover the repeated issues and solve them once and for all. Keep the track of all customer service key factors per agent or group: number of calls, response & resolution time, number of complaints, cross-talk ratio. Using this data you can compare the results of separate individuals or teams.

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