Revenue growth that you can get today

Better performance of every sales representative means higher revenue for the entire company.

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Trusted by high-growth organisations

Struggle to spot Performance Drivers?

Thousands of sales conversations in calls, text chats, and video meetings can be analyzed in minutes. Use the power of AI speech analytics to spot the best-performing sales representatives. Put their winning habits of a sales pitch, objections handling, and deal closing into play over the entire team. Let every sales rep become a top performer.

Boost sales by copying winning behaviors

The Ender Turing system recognizes the best sales representatives and, in seconds, shows you valuable insights and metrics of top salespeople. Copy-paste their behaviors and close more deals.

Your sales team can do more

Analyze calls, chats, and video meetings with immediate feedback and self-coaching on real examples of top peers and their winning tactics. Enable sales representatives to learn faster and close more deals with every conversation.

Case Study for financial services

AI-powered Speech Analytics Implementation Project

How Ender Turing works

See how your team could close more deals by building real-time coaching into your routine and understanding which skills they need to grow. Help sales agents improve over time with personalized guidance from data-driven recommendations.


Sales performance software: find out sales reps' engagement level

Specify the metrics you want to track and see your sales agents' results in one click. You can either choose a group or a single sales rep's results. Easily compare group to group, group to individual, or 1to1 results.


Detect crucial sales agents' skills that impact pipeline

Get a more qualified sales team by encouraging them to learn and develop. With our easy-to-use dashboard, they can self-coach and grow their selling skills. Сheck if agents follow the established rules, ask essential questions, or mention the critical words, phrases, or names, such as pricing, features, and products.


Know your competitors

Scan all text and audio conversations for competitors’ names and check which competitors were mentioned and how specific words influence the sale outcome.


Provide Personalized Coaching

Determine conversations that need improvements for every sales rep and provide valuable personalized feedback on the problematic Email, chat, or call sections. All feedbacks are data-driven, making the learning process more effective and precise.
Share a call of the best performer with an agent or a team to learn faster based on an actual example.


Predict future sales deals

Track what leads to better sales outcomes and provide proactive coaching to win more deals. To close them, recognize potential leads or route deals to the most relevant sales rep.

Give your sales team data-driven advice

Know precisely which phrases, words, and elements of conversation lead to a closed deal. Help your reps improve their communication skills to make it to the top.

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