Elevate sales and customer care teams with the speed of AI

Identify top performers in calls, chats, and video meetings. Provide best practices of top performers to every employee for self-coaching and observe performance growth. Ender Turing leads your sales and customer care teams to higher revenue and better customer service.

Trusted by high-growth organisations

Your sales team can do more

Analyses of all calls, chats, and videoconferencing with immediate feedback and self-coaching on real examples of top peers and their winning tactics. Enable sales representatives to learn faster and close more deals with every conversation.

Fast onboarding
Easy to use

Exceptional customer care
at no added cost

20x faster calls and chats reviewing, immediate feedback to an agent linked to exact parts of a conversation, prescription for self-coaching to correct behaviour in real-time. It is Quality Management you can switch on now. Add to the bottom line of your revenue in a matter of weeks.

Saves time
Fast to value
Agents love it!

3 easy steps to increase performance


Capture each conversation

Capture every type of interaction of every agent. All calls, video meetings, chats, and e-mails are now guarded by Ender Turing software solution.

Analyze & inspect

Get an indispensable source of information for your business processes. A smart analytical solution from Ender Turing simplifies and interprets the accomplished work and communicational output of the agents into clear-cut reports.


Feedback & self-coaching

Provide feedback, link to the exact place of conversation, and let your agents self-coach. Uncover the weak, blind spots of agent-client interactions and assist your team in improving them.

Integrates with

Automated scoring for your sales & customer support teams. 20x faster call review process.

Our team can set the scoring system for your business. Your managers no longer need to create complex tables and manually check, read or listen to the selected conversations, chats or Emails.

Features of the future

Make the business better by implementing easier and faster data processing; get exact and clear results in a form of multimedia dashboards and reports. Let your employees perfect their skills.

Conversation analytics

With a speech-to-text solution, you can navigate through the transcribed texts of all conversations. Highlight the words, phrases or their alternatives; automatically classify the topics, emotions, intents, most frequently used words and more. Add alerts to take immediate actions if some agents are out of customer service standards.

Self-coaching for sales

Find out what kind of calls lead to a successful sales deal and what makes these calls lead to winning. Extract and collect the best sales examples in textual and verbal form and let your sales agents replicate the top performers' behavior including remote workers. Share the materials with your sales reps and observe their progress. Provide personalized feedback and link to the exact place of conversation.

Performance intelligence

Discover the repeated issues and solve them once and for all. Keep the track of all customer service key factors per agent or group: number of calls, response & resolution time, number of complaints, cross-talk ratio. Using this data you can compare the results of separate individuals or teams.

We praise voice communication. Reach out.

Our friendly team will tell you about our technical solutions in business terms.

Not quite sure yet? Speak to our team.

Book a free explanatory demo with one of the team, we’ll evaluate your current data, processes and define the most valuable part to start with.


Founder, CEO

Worked with Sales teams on efficiency and processes for last 15 years. You'll enjoy brainstorming on metrics and KPIs for Ender Turing's solution implementation.


Founder, CPO

Worked within the area of Contact Center Excellence for 12 years. Skilled to assist you in the transformation of Contact Center into Center of Business Insights.


Business Development Manager

Partner and Customer Success wizard who is here to ensure your company's ROI on cooperation with Ender Turing. You will get every benefit we have for you.

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