Call Center KPIs boost.
Empowered by AI.

Companies with voice and chat channels use the Ender Turing call center performance management software to speed up quality control, coach agents, and skyrocket customer satisfaction.


Trusted by 2000+ supervisors and agents

60%less time on call review
100%calls covered with Quality Assurance
2.5xfaster KPIs

Real-time view of call center performance metrics

Easily adapt a call center agent performance dashboard to see call center KPIs & agent progress.

Looks great
Easy to use
Try it yourself!

Call Center quality management - 10x faster

Cover all conversations with automated feedback and review process.
Translate all your calls into searchable text. Enable automation to review calls and provide personalized feedback to an agent.


Engage a team - call center agent performance dashboard

Invite agents to the platform, and provide them complete visibility into individual performance. Enjoy real-time feedback, personalized coaching, and gamification for higher performance.


Drive Call Center from a cost center to a profit center with the feedback mechanism

Feedback is an essential part of helping your team deliver better business outcomes. With Ender Turing, you can see what drives profits or losses, automate feedback and leave live comments and notes for the coaching sessions.

call center agent feedback.png

Personalized self-coaching on live examples

Agents learn faster by listening to and reading conversations of top-performers. Collect the best calls, chats, or parts of dialogs on a specific topic, objective, knowledge, or skill in seconds. Assign examples for agents to self-coach concerning personal gaps in knowledge or skills.


Why companies choose Ender Turing

→ Take data-driven decisions for Customer Experience improvement

→ Keep call center employees motivated and confident in reaching KPIs

→ Uncover the root cause of unexpected performance change

→ Rapidly enhance agents' training and coaching

→ Improve Sales to Service ratio, First Call Resolution

→ Reduce Average Handle Time, Quality Assurance overhead

Integrates into your ecosystem

Your data security is our highest priority

SOC 2 Type II


Data anonymization

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