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Best Verint Competitors Worth Checking Out This Year

Customer service used to be simple 20 years ago. Customers either purchased a product or service after being prompted by an ad or they didn't and agents either called out or people called in. One channel, two touchpoints, and a personal approach were all that were required to close the deal. Now, however, things are more complicated.

These days, customer management is becoming increasingly complex. Here are some facts and predictions to back up the point:

  • The number of touchpoints before a sale increased from 17 to 27 in B2B marketing during the pandemic. (Forbes, 2022)
  • By 2024, 50% of organizations will adopt modern data quality solutions to support their digital business initiatives. (Gartner, 2022).

Complex environments require sophisticated tools—it's a fact. What is the best CX engagement management tool right now?

In this article, we have listed five great alternatives to Verint.

  1. Ender Turing
  2. NICE CXone
  3. Genesys MultiCloud CX
  4. CloudTalk
  5. Alvaria Cloud

How did we collect our data?

We relied on three key sources while evaluating the best software for customer engagement: 

  • Reviews: high-traffic user review websites and blogs.
  • Ratings: from the G2 website, one of the most popular tech review sites, with over 5.2 million visitors a month.
  • Commercial websites of each featured software developer: for updated information on pricing, features, and technical aspects.
  • How did we rank these tools?

    We chose seven criteria that we believe are the most important when selecting software to ensure a fair comparison:

    1. Pricing: Although pricing is just an indicator, our list comprises tools we think are worth their price. Remember, it all depends on what you want (or don't).
    2. User experience (UX): Having a positive user experience when deploying a new tool makes the process smoother and increases motivation.
    3. User interface (UI): Well-designed visual cues such as colors, fonts, and icons can simplify the use of software, resulting in an attractive and intuitive user interface.
    4. Rating: taken from the G2 website, scores reflect the point of view of a vast volume of users.
    5. Advanced features: The greatest advantages of the application will be listed in every review—those factors that distinguish it from the competition and are worth mentioning.
    6. Reviews: We will pick an appropriate user comment from hundreds of reviews to give a summary of what other users thought about a tool.
    7. Free trial: If you are researching Verint competitors to find the best one, you may want to try the software before signing up.

    Now it´s time to go deeper into the pros and cons of each of the tools. Related: How to make the most out of each conversation with Speech Analytics in 2022

    About Verint


    Source Pricing: Not published by the vendor. It offers a flexible pay-per-feature model.

    UX: 4/5

    UI: 4.5/5

    G2 Rating: 4.4/5

    Advanced features:

    • Cross-channel CX insights and forecasting
    • Speech, desktop, and text analytic software
    • Conversational AI
    • Engagement omnichannel orchestration
    • Performance management

    Users review:


    Source Free trial: No

    Verint offers a variety of products for customer engagement management, cyber security, and business intelligence.

    Apart from messaging features that integrate AI-powered chatbots with human agents, Verint Workforce Management tool allows forecasting and scheduling, with real-time dashboards that help organize the workload. Plus, it provides clear performance metrics and has eLearning capabilities.

    Specially designed for contact centers, its pay-per-feature pricing model makes it a scalable platform that can be suited both for SMEs and large companies.

    The main issue with Verint is that pricing can be tricky. You might start at an accessible price but features such as Messaging, Speech Analytics, Workforce Management, and Performance Management need to be acquired as an add-on – and you have to get quite a bunch of these paid add-ons if you are running a call center.

    Some users also report the system does get slow sometimes. And it only supports the five top European languages.

    Let’s check some of the best alternatives to Verint.

    1. Ender Turing


    Source Pricing: There are three price tiers. The cost per user per month is $39 for a Pro plan, $59 for a Business License, and $149 for an Enterprise-ready package with advanced features such as CRM integration and dedicated customer support. There is also a forever free basic plan – which includes calls to text for 3 hours a day, basic speech analytics, and sentiment analysis. Also, by paying yearly you get two months for free. UX: 4.8/5

    UI: 4.6/5

    G2 Rating: Not rated yet

    Advanced features:

    User review:



    Free trial: Yes, 14 days. Plus a forever-free basic plan. Ender Turing is an AI-powered engagement management tool that provides sales teams with actionable real-time intelligence to help increase revenue.

    With speech-to-text technology trained by machine learning to transcribe all 24 languages in the European Union, it is recognized for being the best solution for Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.

    But probably the most exceptional benefit of Ender Turing is it makes quality assurance just easier. You can trigger notifications for critical errors, design your custom reports, and get a full picture of your team´s performance with instantaneous scoring reviews. 

    With accurate conversation intelligence in real-time, supervisors can provide personalized data-driven feedback and employees can take advantage of self-coaching. And, on top of that, the agent´s onboarding process gets faster and smoother with a collection of best practices to rely on.

    If you want to learn more about our tool, book a 30-minute demo. You won´t regret it.

    2. NICE CXone


    Source Pricing: Starts at $100/month. UX: 4/5 UI: 4.5/5 G2 Rating: 4.3/5 Advanced features:

    • Customer journey analytics
    • Conversational AI and chatbots
    • IVR (interactive voice response)
    • Automated call distribution
    • Agent scheduling and assigning

    User review:


    Source Free trial: Yes. Does your customer journey have multiple digital entry points? NICE CXone might be for you. This open cloud platform provides insights both for voice conversations and automated web chatbots, and focuses on improving the journey orchestration.

    With a combination of Robotic Process Automation and AI technology, it is an all-in-one platform that provides speech analytics, optimizes routing, and presents useful features for workforce intelligence and management.

    An interesting functionality is the automated call distribution software that relies on skills, customer data, sentiment, and AI to match each customer with the best suitable agent.

    What users most like about this tool – according to G2 reviews – is that the software is fairly simple to navigate and has an intuitive interface.

    But unfortunately, they do point out it presents delays and bugs, and that the system crashes while logged in for a long time. Also, it is just available in ten languages.

    3. Genesys MultiCloud CX



    Pricing: There are three price tiers. Plans start at $75/month for voice features only, and go up to $110/month for complete voice and digital interactions, and $110/month for a plan with additional features that include workforce management. 

    UX: 4/5

    UI: 4.5/5

    G2 Rating: 4.3/5

    Advanced features:

    • Speech-enabled IVR

    • Voicebots

    • Predictive routing

    • CRM

    • Workforce management

    User review: 


    Source Free trial: Yes.

    Genesys MultiCloud CX is also a great option if you need a solution that supports voice and digital channels at the same time.

    With this cloud contact center platform, you can orchestrate voice calls with the most popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Apple Messages for Business, chatbots, and emails. It supports 16 languages and can be deployed on the cloud and on-premise and can even be accessed on mobile devices.

    A feature worth mentioning is the predictive engagement software which automatically analyzes the attributes and behaviors as people navigate your website. This way, you can offer proactive chats, coupons, and live assistance at the right moment.

    There is just one problem. While the starting price sounds affordable, there are heavy subscription charges for additional customization needs, if you add more extra agents, and the minimum plan to choose from WhatsApp is the 8000 conversation plan – which might be too high for startups.

    4. CloudTalk


    Source Pricing: Prices per user a month (billed annually) are:

    • Starter plan: $25. It includes unlimited inbound and outbound calls and automated call distribution.
    • Essential: $30. With additional features such as advanced analytics, text messages, and workflow automation.
    • Expert: $50. With speech-to-text features, Salesforce integration, and more.

    UX: 4/5

    UI: 4.5/5

    G2 Rating: 4.3/5

    Advanced features:

    • 3-way calling
    • Intelligent call routing
    • Callback
    • Real-time customer card
    • Integrations

    User review:



    Free trial: Yes. 14 days free.

    CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone software especially suited for call centers.

    Its features include voice functionalities such as call masking, 3-way calling and voicemails, and routing functionalities like IVR and automated call distribution.

    On the productivity side, it is worth mentioning the after-call work feature, which provides an immediate notification after a call to make it easier for employees to fulfill follow-up tasks.

    CloudTalk also offers a wide variety of integrations that include CRM platforms such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce, and other handy tools like Helpdesk, Google Contacts, and Slack.

    So, what´s the catch? Call pricing doesn´t seem to be very clear and users complain that it does get expensive. Also, the app can be a bit buggy sometimes and would need to be reinstalled once in a while.

    5. Alvaria Cloud



    Pricing: Not published by the vendor.

    UX: 4/5

    UI: 4/5

    G2 Rating: 4.1/5

    Advanced features:

    • Omni agent

    • Compliant outreach

    • Performance management

    • Third-party integrations

    • Gamification

    User review:


    Source Free trial: No.

    Alvaria Cloud is a web-based CX center that offers a full set of customer service capabilities, including cross-channel engagement analytics, workforce management, quality monitoring, business intelligence, and reporting.

    It is a flexible scalable tool that adapts to different sizes of organizations provided they have at least 100 or more concurrent and named users. You can start with one or more apps and then purchase applications when your needs change. 

    End-users find it, however, quite outdated in terms of UI, and not very easy to use.

    On the downside, even when it is great that it has 24/7 customer support, tickets take too long to get resolved. Also, the only languages supported are English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

    Final word: the best Verint competitor in 2022

    Running a successful contact center is not a matter of magic. Engagement management tools with workforce management capabilities can really make a difference.

    While Verint offers a comprehensive solution, it might not be right for everyone.

    Check a comparison table of our pick of five Verint competitors:

    Pricing UX UI Features Supported
    Free trial
    Ender Turing Starts at $39 per user/ month (Pro) 4.8 4.6 Lots for voice contact centers 24 (All European) Yes
    NICE CXone Starts at $100/month 4 4.5 Lots (Cross-channel) 10 Yes
    Genesys MultiCloud CX Starts at $75/months 4 4.5 Lots (Cross-channel) 16 Yes
    CloudTalk Starts at $25 per user/ month (basic) 4 4.5 Somewhat limited (relies on integrations) English only Yes
    Alvaria Cloud Not available 4 4 Lots (Cross-channel) 5 No

    While cross-channel solutions like Genesys MultiCloud and NICE CXone sound awesome, the best voice tool prize is for Ender Turing. With the largest language support and great AI-powered tools, the software offers accurate speech analytics, real-time conversation intelligence, and a full set of tools for performance management.

    Are you ready to try Ender Turing? Click here and book a free demo.


    Which are the top Verint competitors?

    EnderTuring, NICE CXone, Genesys MultiCloud, CloudTalk, and Alvaria Cloud offer similar software with engagement and workforce management capabilities.

    Which are the most important software features for a call center?

    Some important functionalities are call review by AI, quality assurance features, self-coaching tool, Speech Analytics, automation, and data analysis.

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