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How to Improve Sales with Speech Analytics Software

Modern call center performance intelligence solutions for instant call analysis are used in enterprises more and more frequently. Сonsidering the benefits they bring to build excellent customer experience, world-leading analyst companies are predicting its further dissemination. Today we want to share with you some great possibilities for sales you can use as well.

Building a strong sales team is a near-impossible mission, and any sales director will tell you that. For one or two stars, there are primarily mediocre specialists, plus constant staff turnover, the need to look for replacements, and spend time and resources on training newcomers.

Sales Leader Survey by Gartner

Sales are about process, not personality. Consistent sales and revenue growth result from a scalable, repeatable sales process that produces consistent results each time. Once you get that, your business can expand with new team members trained on the winning formula.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to skyrocket until you've figured out what works for your business, and even more significantly, what doesn't – it's unique after all. While you may know who consistently performs well, you won't be able to pass that knowledge on to the rest of the team until you understand why your best agents perform well.

With speech analytics insights, sales supervisors can discover the source of struggling reps sooner, see how their agents are talking with clients, and make data-driven decisions on how to best coach their team to hit their number.

Ender Turing's research, based on 127500 sales conversations analyzed and 97 sales reps coached, said that the effectiveness significantly improves in several directions at once as a result of the implementation of AI speech analytics:

2022-02-22 (4).png

For example, you analyzed your top seller and saw he talks not more than 35% of the time during the conversation, and their prospects talk the last 65%. Your low-performing agent is doing all the talking, and they are not listening and giving a prospect the chance to provide insight into their wants and needs. So, we use this knowledge in training and add more opening questions that best-sellers use to encourage prospects to talk and track this metric in the future.   

Here are some other conversation metrics we find helpful to look at:

  • Was there any discussion of the time frame in what a client was ready to buy?

  • Was there any price discussion?

  • Did the client mention competitors? Was it at the beginning or end of the discussion?

The revenue in many businesses depends on the sales manager and his ability to get results through his sales staff. Sales leaders deal with a vast amount of information and can't use their intuition to guide their decisions — the risk of failure is too high.

Using AI-speech analytics solutions, you can find out what your best-performing agents do, coach the rest of your sales reps to do the same, and track their performance on the most critical conversation metrics. You'll have much better luck creating a replicable, scalable process that works for your business.

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